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Custom PSP Firmware (M33)

Please select desired M33 Custom firmware version below:

What is Custom Firmware?
Custom firmware allows users to do more with their Playstation Portable. For example: play PSP Emulators, run home made games, load legal ISO back-up PSP Games from a memory card, Back up your games to a compressed CSO format to from the memory stick duo. Which lets you put more games on a MS and so forth.
If your coming from an Original Firmware, Such as PSP 5.00 you will need to make a Panadora Battery, which is basically a battery that puts a PSP into service mode to allow you to flash custom firmware. If you cannot mod or make a Pandora battery you might want to look at getting a Datel Tool battery. Which is the same as a Pandora Battery which puts the PSP into service mode.

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